Structure of the House

Excerpt from Finch & Rose’s  Architectural Conditions Assessment: The Isaac Winslow House (2016)

“By tradition the house is believed to have been constructed in 1699 by Judge Isaac Winslow, grandson of Edward Winslow, Governor of the Plymouth Colony. According to a two page publication by Arthur Winslow, the house was erected by Issac following the burning of Edward Winslow’s house named “Carswell” in 1699.  That document also states the house was purchased by three individuals from its last owner in 1919.They then restored it over the next year, and deeded it to the Historic Winslow House Association in 1926.

As it stands today, the exterior of the house is of high style Georgian design, (i.e., mid eighteenth century) and its interior is distinguished by a mixture of late First Period and  Georgian detailing. Features that are particularly rare and notable are the early dairy and pantry rooms, the kitchen with eighteenth century sponge painted decoration on the walls and ceiling, the main staircase, and the early bolection molded paneling in the hall chamber and on numerous two-panel doors throughout the house…

…The front of the main block faces roughly east, which is somewhat unusual for an early 18th century rural house (they usually faced south), while the entry front of the ell faces roughly south.”

Finch, William.  Architectural Conditions Assessment: The Isaac Winslow House/The Historic Winslow House Association.  Beverly, MA: Finch & Rose (2016). Print.

Recent Preservation Activities

September 1, 2017:

“Fundraise the Roof” Campaign started.  

The preservation goal for 2018-2019 is for the replacement of a new roof and evaluation of supporting beams in the roof structure.  The Finch & Rose 2016 report outlines the current structural issues.

Below is a slideshow of the conditions as photographed by William Finch for his report.

December 31, 2016:

The 2016 Architectural Conditions Assessment project is funded in part by the citizens of Marshfield through the Community Preservation Act.   A copy of the report is available below.

Town of Marshfield CPC (Community Preservation Committee)

Finch&Rose 2016 WinslowReport

2006-2007 CPA Restoration:



The Ancestral Home of the Founding Family of Marshfield