Parisian Salon (D’une Soirée Baroque)

A Night of Musical and  Vinaceous Decadence en Francais at a Parisian Salon!

May 20th, 6:30pm

Indulge in a Wine and Champagne tasting along with other delights from Paris and savor an exclusive taste of the musical exhibitions that happened in Paris during Louis XIV’s reign.

This intimate concert will be performed live by candlelight in the Great Hall of the Historic Winslow House. Soak in the atmosphere as you listen to music popular at the time of the House’s early days performed by music scholars fluent in the genre, The Commonwealth Consort.

“Parisian salon”, aims to provide a taste of the musical exhibitions that happened in Paris during Louis XIV’s reign. Featuring works by Nicolas Bernier, Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre and Louis-Nicolas Clérambault this program explores the rising popular styles at the turn of the eighteenth century, including both the secular French cantata and the rarer “sacred” French cantata. Some of the music on this program could have been performed at court, but all of it was likely heard in the salons, perhaps even in Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre’s own acclaimed “at-homes”, the eighteenth century equivalent of our modern house concert. This program seeks a contrast of subjects – secular, sacred, purely instrumental. 

Guests are offered two ticket options:

Concert & Wine Tasting:  $40 non-member/$35 member

Wine Tasting : $20 non-member/$15 member

Salon Ticket Options

Proceeds will help to fund the preservation and operations of the 1699 Issac Winslow House. 


Le Caffe by Nicolas Bernier (1665-1734)

 Le Temple Rebasti by Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (1665-1729)

Sonata en Trio, No. 3 in D Major by Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (1665-1729)

L’Isle de Delos by Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1676-1749)

About the Performers:

Commonwealth Consort explores the wealth of the Baroque era with keen historical judgement, lustrous period instruments, a bit of personal spontaneity, and a deep sensitivity to recognizing and evoking the emotionality inherent in the music of this wonderful period.

Founded in 2015 by current and former graduate music students of Boston University and the Longy School of Music, Commonwealth Consort debuted with production of Monteverdi’s “Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda” in collaboration with Cottage Industry Theater that was performed 8 times and well reviewed by the Boston Musical Intelligencer.

Reviews on Monteverdi’s Combattimento:

Music director Sheridan Haskell provided skilled realization of the continuo part on a bright and incisive virginal, keeping up the pace through multiple changes of meter and tempo.”

“Joelle Lachance was a heroic Clorinda, projecting a thrilling, powerful voice with a melting pianissimo…”

  • Virginia Newes, The Boston Music Intelligencer


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