Highlights of Marshfield, Duxbury, and Scituate Architecture, 1620-1820

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

10:30 AM

Highlights of Marshfield, Duxbury, and Scituate Architecture, 1620-1820 will be presented in a fast paced PowerPoint program by Bob Jackman.  The survey will select homes across the three towns that best demonstrate the full range of design and construction practices of the local area over two centuries.  For many houses mentioned we will only see exterior views.  However for each stylistic category we will view interior scenes, construction features, tooling details and floorplans of some houses of that style within the three towns. 

While we will briefly mention some architectural developments in England, Holland, other American colonies, and elsewhere in Massachusetts, these mentions will be to provide explanations of stylistic origins and for contrast.  The overwhelming focus of the presentation will be on houses, barns, and meetinghouses of these three town.  The progression of the examination of style will proceed coherently, not chaotically. 

In some instances, in addition to looking at the architecture, we will glimpse the lives of those who inhabited the houses when those lives effectively convey a sense of their times.  In some cases we will gain insights into the life and career adjustments of families as local conditions shifted.  When an intriguing character can be vividly conveyed, we will do so.

As the presentation proceeds, it will become apparent that as towns experienced economic cycles the ups and downs were reflected in local home building.  By the post Revolution era, the three towns were at different economic stages with Duxbury experiencing a racing bull market while Marshfield struggled to regain its earlier fervor. 

The program will be extensively illustrated and utilize reliable, documented sources to explore the area’s architecture, and people.  Hopefully it will be possible to also express the lifestyle changes that have led to the alterations of homes.

The program will be centered around a PowerPoint slide presentation and one can reliably predict  lots of dialog among participants in the program, to the point that at times will become a seminar as much as a lecture. 

The instructor will be Bob Jackman, a graduate of Colby College and Wesleyan University who has taught a variety of courses at the Scituate and Marshfield Senior Centers over the past decade.



The Ancestral Home of the Founding Family of Marshfield