Shipbuilding on the North River, 1640-1872


Wednesday January 20, 2016; 6:30 PM. HELD AT MARSHFIELD VENTRESS LIBRARY; 15 Library Plaza, Marshfield, MA

As part of our 2016 “Winslow in Winter” lecture series, we will be welcoming local historian Bob Jackman for a fascinating examination of the North River’s colorful shipbuilding industry!This presentation will utilize PowerPoint slides and incorporate audience questions.  The first portion of the show will overview shipbuilding and shipbuilders in the North River basin, and major changes over the two centuries. 

The second portion will specifically address the shipbuilders and shipyards that were active along Marshfield’s riverfront. 

The third portion will address the daily lives of shipbuilders who worked at the Taylor Carver shipyard immediately east of today’s 3A bridge.  This portion will be based on the only archeological study every performed on a North River shipyard operation.

Join us for a pleasing blend of historical information and good laughs. A huge thanks to our friends at the Ventress Memorial Library for hosting this program!

$5 suggested donation .


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