Sundays this August 2017: Tour the House from a Different Perspective

View the Winslow House from a new perspective this August as our Sunday Tours will highlight the history of the House from new angles.  Each tour is approximately 45 – 60 minutes. Tour hours and pricing will remain the same.

August 6: Meet the Winslows
Explore the Many Branches of the Winslow Family Tree

August 13: Slaves and Servants of the Winslow Family
 Bette, Briton, Nab Nowitt, and Cato also  have stories to tell..

August 20: Leaving their Mark
Ledger Books, Mysterious Cups, Daisy Wheels,
See What the Winslows Left Behind

September 3: The Winslow House Association – Our Origin Story
In 1920 the House was purchased by the Winslow Associates (Edward Ford, John Gutterson, and Edgar Sherril) and the restoration project began.