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Careswell Chronicles
The Voice of The Historic Winslow House Association

Spring 2023 ~ This season we focus on the Winslow women, as well as wedding and holiday traditions of the colonial era.

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Past Issues of Careswell Chronicles 


The 18th century parlor, colonial music, Deborah Winslow's sampler, Marshfield's connection to the Boston Tea Party

Calendar Pages

Highlights of 2017 season at The Historic Winslow House

Yellow Flowers

Winslow flower garden research, design and planting


Colonial gardening at Careswell, conservation projects


Apotropaic magic, progressive dinner, CPC award


The significance of the Winslow property, Rebecca Fraser's new book on the Mayflower and the Winslows, In Memoriam 


News from the garden, The Mayflower award, a history of Christmas in New England


The Acadians, Winslow House collaboration with the Ventress Library, The Ford House


Winslow myths and interpretation-isms

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