No Tours Today!

The Winslow House will be closed today, October 7th,  due to a private rental. Did you know you could rent the Winslow House for your Wedding/Shower/Birthday/Just For Fun? Check out the Rent the House section of our website!

Briton Hammon: Slavery and the Sea and the 2017 Annual Meeting!

This Saturday, starting at 10:30am, former Winslow House Director Aaron Dougherty will present a lecture on Briton Hammon.  A slave who resided here at the Winslow House, Briton Hammon was a part time sailor in the British Navy and would go on to recount his adventures in the first narrative to be written from the perspective of a slave in America!

Stick around for lunch and join us afterward for our 2017 Annual Meeting! The meeting will revisit highlights from the year and feature the presentation of The Historic Winslow House Mayflower Award to one of our most dedicated volunteers: Julius Prince!

To reserve your place, please email or call 781-837-5753

Fundraise the Roof!

For generations, the 1699 Isaac Winslow House in Marshfield has been more than just a house.  It has sheltered families through some of the most pivotal times in New England’s early history. The Winslow House has continued through the centuries to provide a perfect place for families to come together to share old stories and begin new ones, to create lasting memories and kindle passion for our nation’s origin stories. So many stories, all under one roof; a roof that now needs your help.  Please consider making a donation towards our  goal for preservation and repairs to the highest point of the Winslow House.

Donate here!

Sundays this August 2017: Tour the House from a Different Perspective

View the Winslow House from a new perspective this August as our Sunday Tours will highlight the history of the House from new angles.  Each tour is approximately 45 – 60 minutes. Tour hours and pricing will remain the same.

August 6: Meet the Winslows
Explore the Many Branches of the Winslow Family Tree

August 13: Slaves and Servants of the Winslow Family
 Bette, Briton, Nab Nowitt, and Cato also  have stories to tell..

August 20: Leaving their Mark
Ledger Books, Mysterious Cups, Daisy Wheels,
See What the Winslows Left Behind

September 3: The Winslow House Association – Our Origin Story
In 1920 the House was purchased by the Winslow Associates (Edward Ford, John Gutterson, and Edgar Sherril) and the restoration project began.


Kid’s Fun Fridays and Summer 2017

We’re not done yet! Stop by on Friday, July 28th at 10:30 for the Teddy Bear Picnic – rain or shine!

If you think the summer was fun, wait till you see what we have in store for the Fall! Stay Tuned!


The Ancestral Home of the Founding Family of Marshfield