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Preservation Projects

A primary mission of the Historic Winslow House Association is to preserve the c. 1699 house initially constructed for Judge Isaac Winslow,  grandson of Governor Edward Winslow.  One of the challenges in caring for a 300-year-old house is ensuring the structural integrity while maintaining historical accuracy.  The Historic Winslow House Association is fortunate to have skilled artisans such as Alan Bates, who volunteer their time to continuously and painstakingly inspect the exterior and interior features of the house to ensure walls, floors, ceilings, paint, masonry, and other historic elements of the house are maintained to the highest standards.   

When larger restoration projects are required, such as a new roof or major masonry repair, the Association depends on funding from public and private grants, community donations and membership fees.  If you would like to help ensure that this invaluable piece of history remains standing for another 300 years, please consider making a tax-deductible donation or becoming a member.

Below are some of our recent restoration and preservation projects

In December 2020, measurements for the new copper chimney cap began.  This will assist in decreasing moisture and increasing ventilation in the structure as well as protect from inclement weather.

In September 2019, replastering and painting of ceilings in several of the rooms in the historic house commenced. This included the entryway, parlour, borning room, and all of the upstairs. This project took several months and was completed in 2020.

The New Roof

In 2016, The Architectural Conditions Assessment project was funded in part by the citizens of Marshfield through the Community Preservation Act.  The resulting Finch & Rose Report outlined current structural issues with the house.  The preservation goal for 2018-2019 was for the replacement of a new roof and evaluation of supporting beams in the roof structure. 


In September 2017, the "fundraise the roof" campaign began and in April 2018, the town of Marshfield approved a CPC grant in the amount of $82,434 to support our project to replace the roof of the main house and tea room.  Work began in November 2018 to replace the roof of the tea house and the historic house, and was completed in mid-2019.

A huge thank you and a hearty hazzah to the residents of Marshfield, Community Preservation Committee, volunteers and members of the Winslow House for their support during this process.

You can view pictures of the entire process below.

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