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Winslow Weddings


The best thing about getting married at the Winslow House is its versatility.  Whether you’re looking for a rustic barn, an 18th century New England farmhouse,  or idyllic tree lined meadow, our property has anything and everything you need.   It’s a place that you can truly personalize to make a very special, memorable event! 

To inquire about holding a wedding at The Historic Winslow House, please email or call 781-837-5753

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Michael and Anne Marie Lepage

"For our reception, we were looking for a place where people could enjoy our special day by eating, drinking, and mingling. The Winslow House was the perfect place! We owe a heartfelt thank you to the Historic Winslow House Association. You will always have special place in our hearts!"

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Winslow Wedding Lore

In the spring of 1621, Susanna Jackson White famously became the first bride of Plymouth Colony when she married fellow Mayflower passenger, Edward Winslow.  They were married according to Puritan custom in a civil ceremony by Governor William Bradford and remained married for 34 years, until Edward's death in 1655. 


The couple's son, Josiah was wedded to Miss Penelope Pelham about 1651 in England at the church where Josiah's father had first become acquainted with the Puritan Delegation who later emigrated to The Netherlands.

Isaac Winslow, the builder of The Historic Winslow House, was betrothed to Miss Sarah Wensley on the 11th of July in the year 1700.  Performing the ceremony at Boston's Old South Church was famous clergyman and writer, Cotton Mather.

Isaac and Sarah's son, General John Winslow married Miss Sarah Little in Marshfield on January 21, 1725.  When the couple took residence in the Winslow House around the middle of the century, they made many changes to the house to reflect the emerging Georgian architectural style which are still visible today.  The couple loved to entertain and made good use of their property and parlor, hosting many events during the years they spent at The Winslow House.

John and Sarah would likely be well-pleased to know their beloved "Marshfield farm" is still a go-to venue for celebrating and rejoicing in life's happiest milestones.  The Historic Winslow House Association would be honored to host your celebration!

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