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Visiting the South Shore

The south shore of Massachusetts is rich in history.  From the native Wampanoag people, to the arrival of the Mayflower to the advent of the United States, the south shore is a playground for history buffs.  Spanning from Boston to Cape Cod, the area is also replete with quaint New England towns, walking trails, wildlife and some of the most beautiful coastline in the country.  Visit Marshfield in the heart of the south shore, take a tour of The Winslow House and then enjoy the many nearby beaches.  Top off your day at one of our amazing local restaurants.  The south shore offers a beautiful and unique setting for learning about the past and enjoying the present.

Brant Rock, Marshfield, MA

"I'd have been queen of all England but Massachusetts haunted me and wouldn't let me go." ~ C.F. Joyce

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