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The Association and Mission

The Historic Winslow House Association, Inc.  is administered by a volunteer Board of Governors, each dedicated to preserving the house as an historic National Register property.


The purpose of this Association shall be to preserve, protect, promote, and maintain the Historic Winslow House and its grounds and outbuildings as a place of civic, historic and educational value. To these ends, the Association shall collect or acquire by purchase:  artifacts, documents, photographs, maps, personal effects and property as related to its history. The Association will also present educational exhibits, publications, programs and related activities for the general public.

The 2023 Historic Winslow House Board of Governors

Executive Committee:


Jack Griffin, President
Regina Porter, 1st Vice President
Kathleen O'Connor, 2nd Vice President
Dean Scribner, Secretary
Rick Brentano, Treasurer




Alan Bates
Betty Bates

Margaret Carr
Christoper Bernstein

Christopher Carter Lee

Bonnie Chandler Conant

Scott Dixon

Judith Johnson

Claire Joubert

Cynthia Krusell
Peter Krusell

Bonnie McCarthy

Shannon Thomas
Larry Whalen

Tim Withers

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