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Iconic and Unique

Built circa 1699 for the Honorable Isaac Winslow on land granted to his Grandfather, Mayflower passenger Edward Winslow, the Winslow House is one of the least-altered houses still standing in the former Plymouth Colony.  The Winslow House is on the National Register of Historic Places and open to the public for tours, as well as public and private events May through October.

No trip to the South Shore is complete without a visit to the Winslow House.  This authentic 320+ year old house brings history to life.  No matter your age, there is something here to capture your imagination.  Come to Marshfield and take a step back in time.

We are open for tours following every public event and select Sundays during open houses.  See our event calendar for details.  If you would like to schedule a tour outside of these hours, email or call 781-837-5753


If you are interested in holding your private event at The Historic Winslow House, email 

We look forward to your visit!

Please enjoy this short video produced by Generations Cinema-Stories and featuring the women of the Winslow House Association introducing the Winslow family and highlighting the importance of preserving this treasured landmark...

Upcoming Public Events 

Join us for "Kids Friday"
Celebrate Mother Earth

Join us with your child - ages 5~12 - for a celebration of the earth.  We will express our  gratitude for our planet with crafts and activities focusing on mother nature.  This event is part of the Winslow House Art in Nature series in honor of Nancy Krusell and will be run by Julia Chase of Root to Bloom.  Reservations are Required.​

Friday, July 26th

10:30am ~ 12:30pm

Girl with Flowers

Tuesday Morning Coffee Programs

Reginald Fessenden & Brant Rock's Radio Tower

Tuesday, August 13th

10:30am ~ 12:00pm 

Brant Rock resident, Dave Riley will discuss the significance of Brant Rock's own Reginald Fessenden


Paul Revere

Tuesday, August 27th

10:30am ~ 12:00pm

Tegan Kehoe, Program Director of the Paul Revere House will talk about Revere's role in the American Revolution, highlighting the famous "midnight ride."


Sunday Afternoon Events

Textiles Symposium and Open House

Sunday, July 28th

Noon ~ 4:00pm

Join us for a discussion on the history of sewing and learn the different methods used when working with textiles.  Bring your own project to work on or a finished project to share.  If you are a beginner, we will provide materials and guidance to learn cross stitch.  Then tour the historic house and learn about our unique samplers.


Open House & Meet the Doctor

Sunday, August 4th

Noon ~ 4pm

Take a docent-led tour of the Winslow House and meet 18th-century doctor, Sylvester Gardinerus.  This event will highlight our newest exhibit, an entire room dedicated to medical practices in the 1700s.  Children are encouraged to join us for this fun and educational tour. 


For more information on Americana Corner, visit their website 

Click here for the press release to learn more details about this grant.

The Historic Winslow House is pleased to announce that we will begin restoration of the front door this spring.  Front doors were very important during colonial times, serving as a focal point and a statement of what guests should expect when they walked through the threshold.   Families such as the Winslows would have wanted their front door to express both welcoming and status.  We look forward to sharing pictures of the newly restored and stained front door upon completion.

This project is being funded in part through a grant approved by the Americana Corner Preserving America Grant Program. Americana Corner was founded by Tom Hand in 2020 as an online resource to help others rediscover America’s incredible founding and first century of expansion.The Preserving America Grant Program assists organizations that tell the story of our nation’s wonderful past and rekindle a love for American history in all its splendor.


History gives us identity.  History allows us insight into the present - how our society evolved, how our values were shaped and how our culture came to be.  There is much we can learn if we listen to the voices of the past. An understanding of previous generations can often help us answer the pressing questions of today.

That is why preserving historic houses is so important.  Stepping into a historic house is the closest we can come to stepping into the past. The Historic Winslow House Association is dedicated to maintaining and preserving this beacon of our past for future generations.  We could not do this without support from the public.  Your generosity is essential to our mission.  

In addition to completing preservation projects, your contribution enables us to offer enriching educational programs and special events for the public. We gratefully accept any donation and hope you can visit us soon.

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