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Iconic and Unique

Built circa 1699 for the Honorable Isaac Winslow on land granted to his Grandfather, Mayflower passenger Edward Winslow, the Winslow House is one of the least-altered houses still standing in the former Plymouth Colony.  The Winslow House is on the National Register of Historic Places and open to the public for tours, as well as public and private events May through October.

No trip to the South Shore is complete without a visit to the Winslow House.  This authentic 320+ year old house brings history to life.  No matter your age, there is something here to capture your imagination.  Come to Marshfield and take a step back in time.

We are open for tours following every public event and select Sundays during open houses.  See our event calendar for details.  If you would like to schedule a tour outside of these hours, email or call 781-837-5753


If you are interested in holding your private event at The Historic Winslow House, email 

We look forward to your visit!

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 Colonial Tavern N
ight ~ Friday, October 13 ~ 7pm

It is spring of 1775 and news of "the shot heard 'round the world" is spreading like fire from a musket.  The citizens of Marshfield have gathered at the local tavern to read the broadsheets and voice their opinions.  Discord ensues.  Loyalist, Joshua Winslow bursts through the door proclaiming, "treason at Lexington and Concord!"  Patriots counter with chants of "liberty!"  
Come hear the debate...and choose where your loyalties lie.  
Join us for this theatrical interpretation, as well as live music, tavern-style games and food.  Ales, hard cider & mulled wine will be served at our cash bar.  The lower floor of the historic house will be ope
n and lit by candles.  We will also be selling raffle tickets for $1 for a chance to win a a surprise gift!  All proceeds from this event go directly to the maintenance and preservation of The Historic Winslow House, Marshfield's most treasured historical icon.
Click the tavern sign for more info and to register


Annual Turkey Supper ~ Thursday, October 26 ~ 6pm

Join us for this lovely annual tradition.  The evening will begin with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in the historic house followed by a traditional turkey buffet in the 1920s Tea Room. Winslow House Association President will welcome our guests and we will hear Edward Winslow's words describing the first harvest feast.  

We are asking folks to be prepared to travel back in time to the year 1923.  On this night we will honor the Winslow Associates, especially the three men who saved the Winslow House from ruin.  We will provide trivia of the people, places and events from 100 years ago in Marshfield and beyond.  What was happening in the world during the time these three men decided to take it upon themselves to preserve a priceless historic treasure...

Enjoy the conversations.

Click the leaves for more info and to register


October 20 ~ Join us at 7pm for spooky candlelit ghost tales, just in time for Halloween!  Rita Parisi will be here to share the stories of 19th c. writer, Sarah Orne Jewett, through her well-received theatrical presentation.  Don't miss this special event!


October 4 ~ Come to the Winslow House at 6:30pm for the final installment of our 2023 Wednesday Sunset Exchange series.  A ranger from the National Park Service will be here to discuss the important Battle of Dorchester Heights.      


October 29 ~ Calling all fans of The Boy Who Lived!  Join us as we pay tribute to everyone's favorite school of witchcraft & wizardry with an afternoon of Hogwarts-themed activities.     


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