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Annual Teddy Bear Picnic

Aug 4, 2023

One of Our Most Beloved Childrens' Events!

The Winslow House held our annual Teddy Bear Picnic on Friday, August 4th and saw a fantastic turnout.  Attendees ranged in age from infants to tweens and enjoyed teddy bear-themed crafts (lots of markers and glitter glue), story time on the lawn, popsicles and the main event ~ the stuffing of the teddy bears.  A steady breeze cooled the humidity and the rain & thunder did not arrive until after the event.  Thank you to everyone who attended this beloved event and all the volunteers who ensured everything ran smoothly.  A special thanks to Winslow House Association Vice President and Event Planner Extraordinaire, Kathleen O'Connor, who planned, organized and oversaw the picnic.

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