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Restoration of Front Door

Mar 1, 2024

Americana Corner Grant

The Historic Winslow House is pleased to announce that we will begin restoration of the front door this spring.  Front doors were very important during colonial times, serving as a focal point and a statement of what guests should expect when they walked through the threshold.   Families such as the Winslows would have wanted their front door to express both welcoming and status.  We look forward to sharing pictures of the newly restored and stained front door upon completion.

This project is being funded in part through a grant approved by the Americana Corner Preserving America Grant Program. Americana Corner was founded by Tom Hand in 2020 as an online resource to help others rediscover America’s incredible founding and first century of expansion.The Preserving America Grant Program assists organizations that tell the story of our nation’s wonderful past and rekindle a love for American history in all its splendor.

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